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More fun on fly

Well a bit of a dajavue week Peter, Ron and Ted all new to our fishing holidays here in the Florida Keys are all mad fly fisherman a bit like buses none for a long time then two one after an other. Must quickly say if you are thinking of a fishing holiday please book as soon as you can we are completely full for 2013 and booking very fast for 2014 so he who snoozes loses. Back to my new fly men two are new to Florida but Ron has a house up state but I still remeber my first trip and this place just blows you away and then it gets under your skin and there is no cure. Just have a look at some of yesterday’s photos and you will see what I mean.

The boys don’t want to do big and that is fine by me in fact I think it is why we have become so successful its is the anglers who make the game play not the skipper they just tell me what they want to catch and how and I try to put the boat in the right place at the right time. What has surprised me over the last two weeks we have fish who seem to prefer the fly yes I just said that me an old bait guy. One fish that just loves the fly is our lookdown a very strange fish that is the most shiny fish you will every see and Ron had the biggest one I have ever seen and on the fly just amazing.