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What a fish !

The one fish that has come as a surprise to me over the last two weeks fly fishing has been our humble blue runner. Here in the Florida Keys this hardy little fish is our number one large live bait. So much so I have seen them make over $3 at sailfish and king mackerel comps they just last so long on the kite or being trolled.  The fly rods have certainly found some bigger ones and Peter had one well over a pound the other day and on his 9 wt his string was well and truly pulled. So much fun and they always bring the comment ” if only they grew to 10 lb you would not want to fish for anything else ” well they do. In fact the world record is 11 lb 2 oz and even the Florida record is an amazing 8 lb 5 oz now that must have been some fish, but one guy said these fish put our trout to shame.

Fish of the week so far was taken the other day by Ron a stunning cero mackerel that went 7 lbs 8 oz what a fish !  The fish was taken on the edge of a flat in just 5 ft of water and pulled Ron all round the boat even under the anchor . These fish are just built for speed and the runs were awesome and in less than perfect conditions Ron won the battle and the fish was in and yes straight into the ice box these fish are very tasty. This fish just proves my point about the Florida Keys, a bad day winds gusting to 20 mph but we found very sheltered water behind a bank and had a good day.