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Number 111

Well what did I learn from last weeks pure fly fishing trip two main things three guys if there is no wind can all fish fly at the same time and it does not have to be big to have fun.  Again and I have said it before I think that is why our fishing holiday are so successful the anglers decide what to do and when to do it I just try to put them on fish. Well it was offshore when number 111 species came to the boat, here in the Florida Keys you just never know and over the 9 years of doing fishing holidays we have had some very rare and strange fish to the boat. It was a bluestripe lizardfish  not huge but as you can see in the photo a very unique fish. They are members of the Synodus family of fish and we catch a lot of the inshore lizard back in the bay and they are normally small.

We did have an hour or so trolling for sailfish but there was no bait or birds so it was back to the reef for fun on a shallow wreck with the small yellow tail who were just nailing the small fly. Ron even had a black grouper on a bigger fly near the bottom and that pulled good and proper. What I did see whilst we were trolling was a new mark in just 90 feet a load of structure and fish just all over it watch this space as we will be back to mark number 154 offshore I hope next week. Next guys come tomorrow and I think it will be back to bait and me on 200 lb leader battling with the big boys of the Florida Keys bring it on !