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Back on bait

While the last two parties fly fishing has been fun, loads of fish and broken fly rods and I have learnt a lot, deep down I am a bait man. Here in the Florida Keys we are spoilt rotten for bait all the local shops have tanks of live bait shrimp, crabs, pinfish and more and a bag of chum brings bait to the boat in no time. I am sorry fly men the best imitation of a shrimp is a shrimp it looks like a shrimp, tastes like a shrimp and swims like a shrimp. I do totally get the rod and reel thing and I own a few fly rods but here in the Keys and doing what I do with up to four anglers on the boat bait just gives more bang for your buck. Also by using live baits on the kite and long rod it like having two more anglers on the boat and Roddy rod holder has had some fantastic fish.

Keith, Mike and Steve are on their first fishing holiday in the Florida Keys and we have started with a bang and the weather gods have been more than kind so far. Lots of fish, screaming reels and OMG moments and yes the big nasty rods back on board. The antics on the big grouper rod and a fish near 200 by the boat had comments ” I have never seen anything like that before ” well that’s just like a normal day for me. Best fish so far a near 100 blacktip and a very light spinning rod, we had to up sticks and follow and get the line of a few pots but Mike did a fantastic job and after about 30 mins the fish was by the boat. Much to light line to do my normal shark lift for the money shot but some cool pics under the water.

New toy a GoPro camera so a lot to learn for the Luddite again so bear with me first video ( I hope ) is to check roof mounts then all I have to do is learn how to edit, why o why do I do this to myself !