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What a last day !

I have said it before and I will say it again why does the last day on a fishing holiday come so quick sad to say it does. In all fairness we did not have high hopes on Keith, Mike and Steve’s last day very windy, cool and showers but they were all tough guys so off to a wreck some 18 miles out in the bay.  Not good omens at all 2 miles away we could see a boat on our spot so off to an other, after doing this for 12 years lots of plan B’s. The next wreck clear and down with the pick and in no time Mike said I and stuck but then the stuck moved off  O  dear he was into a very large fish and on just 30 lb braid. Well what happened for the next 30 mins or so was a masterclass in how to deal with a very large fish on light tackle just stunning. I put it down to what I call soft hands the whole rod and reel are held very lightly so when the fish pulls you are a shock absorber as well as the rod and reel. It was what I thought a very big sting ray and soon on the boat for the pics hook out and back on its way in the sea very and I mean very well done Mike.


Soon we had a very big pack of hungry shark not easy on a rocking boat but nice fish in the 70 to 90 lb range and a fish for every one so not a bad last day so far. Soon all the guys were sharked out so we said how about a trip back to our first wreck and see if the other boat had gone and catch some other species. The only problem with chumming fish to the boat once shark are there they will not go away so you have to move.





Well what a good move no one on the wreck and soon loads of ballyhoo behind the boat being hit by big mackerel  and again a fish for every one and yes big fish Mike had the biggest one a fantastic cero of over 8 lb our biggest of the year. What a fun week and what a nice bunch of guys, my memoire well it has to be the Currant Bun song don’t ask once you hear it is very hard to get out of the head. Video me shark wrestling what I have to do to get those pics but you are right I love it.