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Steve’s day

It is a strange fact but on a fishing holiday as they say what comes around comes around and for the first few day Steve was having not all the luck then the other day it all changed. We started at my best wreck for goliath grouper in less than ideal seas and getting the pick right was a pain but it must be right if you want a big one. First rod out was what I call the long rod which we sett right back and has a big live bait as this time of year the big king mackerel sniff round these gulf wrecks  for any lost offerings. Now this party take turns on the long and shark rods so as it was Steve’s turn when it went he took the rod but this fish did not stop. First run well over 200 yds yes it was a big fish and it did not want to come to the boat at all. Not sure how long the fight was but have to say Steve did a very good job and at the boat side excellent, one shot with the gaff and then the trace broke but the fish came in and what a fish all 33 lb of mean mackerel.



Not long after that Steve decided to have a go at a heavy ledger for grouper or cobia and when it is going well it keeps going and soon he had a keeper cobia in the boat as well. Top eating fish so all were going to have very fresh fish for supper and lots to give away here in the Florida Keys I freeze nothing as not a day goes by that fish eaters go hungry. What happened next was very strange we had some fresh mackerel so despite the now very rough seas we decided to give the goliath grouper a go. Not as instant as it can be here I think the rough seas and cold temps had a lot to do with it then I dropped the float only to see it go up tide not down. First thinking we had broken free and the boat was moving but no a very, very big fish was hungry and under the chum bag. Dave did a very good job but fighting a fish this size just under the boat very strange indeed but a cool video clip thanks Graham.