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New guides

For the last two weeks one of my light spinning rods has had a sett of the new microwave guides and I have been very impressed. The rod is a Shimano 7 ft 6 in medium rod we use for all our light spinning with 3500 reels and 20 lb braid. When you put the guides on all placement is very accurate the first guide had to be 19 and 1/2  in from the lip of the spool. The guides are made by American Tackle Company and if you go to their web site and look for Microwave guides you can see all about them. Yes they do increase casting distance in  very rough tests using two identical rods the Microwave rod was casting nearly 20 % more not a lot but how many times would a yard or two hit the fish.




What is interesting is their reasoning behind the ” claim wind knot elimination ” this is what they say. Converts ” pushing line energy ” through a guide ring into ” pulling line energy ” preventing line from traveling beyond the larger stripper guide. Wind knots to me are not check the spool before you cast knots any loose line will turn into a wind knot wind or no wind. Last year on a flat just using a shrimp for bones the only way was to wind the line back between two fingers a pain but stopped the knots and I had some good fish. Final thoughts on the guides time will tell but so far as they say they do what is says on the tin and any more distance means you lures cover more ground and more fish. If you have any old spinning rods with less than good rings I would consider these and company’s like Mud Hole rod building in the US will ship.