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Smart shark ?

What happened yesterday here in the Florida Keys was the mother of all fishing stories but thanks to my Go Pro we have it all on camera. It was John and all his friends first day and it less than perfect seas but a getting better day we all decided to go into the bay for a days wrecking. As they are all from my neck of the woods the NE of England and fish most days in the north sea this was a very good day for them. Boat on wreck one so off to wreck two and clear but lumpy but loads of fish and soon all rods were bent and reels screaming a normal day but then it all started to happen. It was Ian’s turn on the shark rod float gone and drag screaming not a lot he could do but just hang on first run was amazing well over 100 yds and a few jumps this year the blacktip have been stunning. The fight was going as normal give and take then it all went very solid shark still on but no way could Ian make any line. This time of year Florida Bay has many crab pots and it is not common to have a shark go round one so throw the pick and go to the shark. Well when we got there we were all speechless this fish had decided the only way not to get pulled to the boat was to hang on to something and what better than a crab pot. It was holding on to the pot float and was not letting go of the rope at all. Even with the hook out no way was it letting go John as you will see in the video had to shake the rope to get it to let go just amazing. Not sure what has happened with the video upload but press play it will come up not just an other fishy story we have proof !