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Tarpon time

At Fish the Dream we have over the years been very lucky with tarpon and I join the exclusive 200 lb club a few years ago with a 80  x  44  fish that came out at 209 lb. Last year we had two epic 3 hr + fights with fish of the same size or bigger just amazing and once you get tarponitis you are never cured but just have to take the medicine ever year. Now this year water temps have been all over the place but this weeks boys were keen to keep up are tradition and have a tarpon in March. So we packed the boat and made ready for a 5.30 start to get down to seven mile bridge for my normal one hour before sun rise start. Yes I know you can fish in the evening but over the years morning has worked so well for us and if you are into a long fight getting  lighter is good and you can see the fantastic jumps and get better pics. Sitting watching lighted floats drift down past a 100 year old bridge knowing that any moment 100 lb + fish could be in the air and on your line just does not get any better.


Well after half an hour nothing and not a sight or sound of any fish so up pick and move to a bank just north of the bridge which has given us some very big permit as well as tarpon. Then on Derek’s second run back float gone fish on, fish in the air,r reel screaming yes we are into our first tarpon of the season. Derek has not had a tarpon before but did all he was told just like a seasoned pro and in a relative short time the fish was by the boat. Not sure why I did not take the measurements sorry all a senior moment I was just so happy for Derek who was smiling from ear to ear and then some. How big well over the years I have lifted many tarpon then measured them so I am going to give Derek an honest 130 lb a stunning fish and a free dose of tarponitis well done again.