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Tuna for all

One thing you hope for as a guide is that when you are on fish that everyone on board gets one and this was the happy case the other day on the tuna grounds. What has happened with our tuna fishing that it has changed over the years I have been fishing here in the Florida Keys. Years ago all our tuna were taken trolling on top water lures from the good old cedar plugs which still work very well to trolled dead baits with skirts. This is all very good but relies on one thing the tuna have to be feeding on the surface this normally is the case at day break but then very often the bite just stops. Well that’s what we all used to think but what was happening was the fish were still feeding but just down the water a bit maybe 200 to 300 ft and would not come up no matter what you dragged. So with the arrival of butterfly jigs from Japan it was game on as soon as you find the fish every one can catch and you can fish all day not just at day break.




The other big thing that has helped has been the sale of depth indicator line I use Tuf Line which  you can get in the UK from Snowbee this line has four colours that change every 10 ft so it is very easy to work a depth. We now normally start at 200 and work the jigs for 80 ft then add an other 60 at a time till we find them then just count the colours back and everyone can match and get fish. Over here the more brutal the action when you jig the better, jig wind jig wind they are not pirks and need to be worked in a very different way. One guide once told me if you can jig for two drifts you are not doing it with an enough effort he also told me is you are not catching do something different with the action a slight change can get fish.