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Is big best ?

Having two very cold weeks back in UK  before the start of our main tarpon season. Going through my camera cards one thing very strange has come up just how much fun we all had in the last session catching smaller fish. On our last trip with John and the lads from the north east we had fantastic day fishing a coral head in the reef offshore. Soon we were all catching pompano not massive just a few pounds but boy did they scarp tiny 3000 reels and screaming drags. At one stage the fish were so on the feed they came up the chum so far we were able to sight fish top sport. Then a few weeks before my fly guys from Jersey found a deadly way with light fly rods to catch the fish called a lookdown. Again not big, they are members of the jack family, but boy did those tiny fly reels take a hammering and again top sport.



On the other side of the coin there is big. During our nearly 10 years of doing fishing holidays in the Florida Keys we have done big and I mean very big. My boat has a few PB’S I am very proud about, biggest has to be Lee Jasper’s 1000lb + hammerhead shark a few years ago. Our first over 200 lb an honest 209 lb tarpon, last year grouper to near 600 lb and this year again Lee’s over 500 lb bull shark. Five years ago we had not one but two giant saw fish over 700 lb just how big do you want to go.



So there we go as they say you decide what you want and enjoy your way, Lee’s face after his 2 hr 25 min battle with that shark just said it all and I know if you asked him he would say big is best. At Fish the Dream you make the choice I will never force big on anyone but if you want big no problem.