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Right fish wrong rod

In the nearly 10 years of doing fishing holidays here in the Florida Keys I have witnessed some amazing fishing feats from Lee’s amazing over 2 hr shark fight to last years over 3 hr tarpon fights but yesterday what happened was right up there those. Alan and his friends Glen,Colin and John were after their first tarpon but as they arrived late we decided to have a day in the bay just to get them familiar with the lay out of the boat. We were having a fun day with shark, jacks and mackerel when Colin spotted a big fish in the chum slick unfortunately the rod that came to hand was a light mackerel rod with just a leader of 30 lb and a 3/o hook but bait on a short cast. The big fish was a shark near 100 lb and yes it was hungry and yes it took the bait and so started a long and to be admired fight. With an older anglers soft hands and the saying slowly, slowly catch the monkey Colin just worked away yes the fish was boatside but I knew I could not touch the 30lb  but lady luck was on our side and I managed to grab the wire and the fish was in for thew money shot.


First morning on the tarpon just two takes a bit late getting down there then one fish on for a very long time only to end in tears. In a very strong tide this fish did not want to leave the bridges and to put it mildly was a pain in the ar**. eventually the fish went with the tide ocean side  some long powerful runs then from nowhere a shark attack then no fish on. All the party were shocked and amazed that an over 100lb fish was a meal for a very,very big shark.