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Tarpon time

To say tarpon fishing is a learning curve is a massive understatement, no one this week had ever fished for tarpon before so it was all very new. One you have a very big fish, two you fish in the dark , three you have to follow every fish and lastly shark do like tarpon as well. Last week was a week of lows and very high highs, first day we soon had a tarpon on and did all the tricky stuff and were soon in open water and all was going well just the introduction you want. Then a massive run from the fish which normally means only one thing the tarpon is trying to get away from a shark but it only ends in tears shark wins and we no longer have a fish on. Day two we all decided to do a full day on tarpon at Bahia Honda bridge where you can fish all day just one bite then despite hundreds of tarpon rolling not an other bite all day so of we went bottom fishing to have some fun. Then a morning off we normally just do one morning tide for tarpon but the 4 am start every day is a bit hard core, and a very good day indeed shark to 300 lb and grouper to 250 lb and more important smiles back all round. Next day was very strange tarpon on very early then the fish did something I have never seen before it went straight to the shore and hugged it for nearly half a mile. Then it went into a dock and after nearly an hour it went under a big game boat and broke us off, why I don’t know maybe the shark were there not sure but in nearly fifteen years of tarpon fishing in the Florida Keys I have never had one do that. Next day our luck had to change and it did fish on and after some 50 mins fish in the boat and 60 in  x  42 in a solid 126 lb well done Glen. Things even got better on the last tarpon day fish on early and a very dogged fight hard long runs and big jumps but John had the measure of this monster fish so big we could not get it on his lap for the money shot and at 72 in   x  44 in it was a fantastic  174 lbs, pain for over an hour but what a result.




Video clip is me messing with a near 300 lb bull shark it may look a bit mad but I have been doing this for a long time and I still like to get the hook out if I can. A few days off then back to early starts and those mad 100 lb + kippers bring it on I still love it.