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More than tarpon

While we at Fish the Dream are having a very good start to the 2013 tarpon season to me and most of our guys on fishing holidays the Florida Keys are so much more than those big herring. Not sure why we are catching more tarpon than others here, I am fishing the same way I have done for over 10 years I use crabs, I only fish very early in the morning, I use mono and I still like J hooks. With a float as soon as there is any movement you hit hard and all of are tarpon are lip hooked as they say if it aint broke don’t fix it enough said. Well last week we had our 113 species to the boat one of the guys had a stunning fish to the boat and I had no idea at all. Back at the house we soon identified the fish a pudding wife wrasse yes you read that right a pudding wife wrasse with a name like that I assumed that there was a good story but nothing. I have asked all the guides and all the dive shops and spent for to long on the internet but to no avail so if any one knows please tell me.



Last fish of Alan’s week was a good fish for him an other right fish wrong rod a jack well over 10 lbs on the lightest rod on the boat what a fight and well done Alan. Video is an other ton plus tarpon by the boat I am getting a little better with the head cam and now can even edit a bit. Next up with the Go Pro will be some underwater filming not sure how that will go but I must get some shots of the tarpon run at Bahia Honda went hundreds of fish run the bridge.