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Tarpon by catch

Sorry about the lack of blogs from the as we are here for two weeks we will only do tarpon every other day to it is so good can we go every morning. Well at Fish the Dream fishing holidays you make the agenda so every day I sett my alarm for 3 am and off we go, in all fairness it has been so good so far this year I can see why. Tarpon fishing certainly has its highs and lows yes we have had fish every day bar one and fish back to the boat as well but we have had sad mornings as well. One morning we had one of the strangest tarpon fights I have every had we hooked up on a very large fish just as it got light and this puppy knew all the tricks in the book. First it went in and out of the bridge piles both old and new at 7 mile bridge as it was on a training run, then it went under an other boats anchor as it was still on it decided to do the shallow water bit just to scare the boatman and off to the bone fish flats we went. In less than two feet of water all I could do was trim the motors right up and pray. Then it tried the moral support bit and was joined by up to an other 20 tarpon, it was just amazing in very shallow water to have a mass of tarpon in front of the boat and one hooked up. All this action brought the attention of the shark and a massive shark went into the fish I don’t know how but it missed ours but it did then we went into deep water. Well after 2 hrs 29 mins and taking us nearly 7 yes 7 miles and towing my boat at over 2 miles an hour the line broke I think went the shark attacked it hit our line but it all ended in tears.


Now is than one happy angler from the lows to the highs Brian has been after a big permit for years so it was very fitting to tick his box on the last morning and what a fish a solid 24 lb a true trophy fish. As you all know by now I am a crab man when it comes to tarpon and we do very well with them and one of the other fish that likes crab is permit. At this time of year they are making their way offshore to spawn and they all have to go past the bridges so if they see a tasty snack on the way why not.