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Not just tarpon take two

Tarpon still on fire 3 am starts still suck but last three mornings 2 for 3 , 3 for 3 , and 1 for 3 may be the best for 10 years and no sign of it slowing down. More pictures from Daves two weeks serious fun in the bay the wrecks have been on fire all grouper over 200 lbs are fun. Every year Leslie comes she continues to impress I think she is now our top lady angler more than a match for any fish.





I had a long chat today with a lady from the tarpon trust who gave me a lot of new information about the fish a bit of homework and a long blog will be next.

First pic Brian doing what he loves big fish back to the boat 200 lb + grouper

Second pic a nice shark which made the mistake of taking Leslie’s rod no chance !

Third pic a fine barracuda from a wreck for Brian

Fourth pic yet another cobia from the bay

Video clip a fine jumping tarpon for Leslie