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Tarpon research

The 2013 tarpon season still continues on very strong indeed we have had tarpon every morning now for over a month still wish they took better in the day hitting my alarm at 3 am is starting to tell then when you have a 100 lb + fish in the air it is all worth while. This year we have a  near 200 lb year class at 7 mile bridge all about 170 to 180 and very strong fish even played as hard as you can on 30 lb line fights are all over an hour. Alan had one of these fish a few days ago, hook up was on a bank a long way from the bridge but as most tarpon seem to know lots of bridge concrete is the way to get off a hook so after half an hour we were between the bridges with a very big angry tarpon. After an other half an hour of going through both bridges many times and making hard unstoppable runs at the concrete the fish was ours by the boat and leader touched with an audience from the old 7 mile bridge one very happy and tired Alan.



This year we have been asked by the Florida Wildlife Commission to take part in the tarpon genetic recapture study, if you are interested in tarpon research go to then to tarpon research and see what it is all about.  In basic terms we take a DNA sample from the tarpon and send to FWC  with basic information then if that fish is ever recaptured they can compare the two and learn more about tarpon. We also had a long talk to the officer from the FWC who told us that at the next meeting the hope to change the rules on taking photos of tarpon and allow a quick picture to be taken of the fish out of the water. Their research has shown that if a tarpon is out of the water for no longer than 60 seconds it comes to no harm as it does have the ability to get oxygen from air as well as water. What they have found the most important thing is to revive the fish after capture and many fish which have just been to the boat after a fight die with not being revived this can take over 10 mins or longer by swimming the fish with a moving boat.


We also had our smallest tarpon ever the other day a fish barely over 20 lbs, very strange must have decided to follow the thousands of fish early in its life a very cool pic.