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Offshore at last

When guys have been here more than once they tend to want to try to repeat a very special trip unfortunately that very rarely happens. Fishing is very much about being in the right place at the right time and having the fish you want feeding as well. The last time Lee was here we had one of those very special days offshore tuna, shark and Lee has had some of the biggest amberjack I have ever seen. This trip the weather gods have not been very kind but the other day it calmed out and in the dark we headed out the 26 miles to the tuna grounds with very high hopes.  We were the first boat there well before the more horse power than brain cells guys but as it got light very few birds not good. Try as we might not a sniff of a tuna, top water, mid water jigs Lee even put a live bait some 500 ft down. So as we often do in the Florida Keys plan B being a long way out means we can cover a lot of ground on the way back and we are in the hight of dorado season. Some one saw a lone small bird sitting on an old paddle ( hope the guy got back with the other one ) and sure enough the long rod went off and  just for compensation it was Lee’s. A fish that size has a one way trip with Lee and soon a very colourful and tasty dorado was in the cool box. Then just one more small fish on the way back to the permit wrecks and a sight I have never seen before a near 70 ft big game boat at anchor right in the middle of the permit grounds just where we wanted to drift. Again it was Lee who managed by his standards a small amberjack  not the day we had hoped for but that’s why they call it fishing not catching.



Trying some underwater stuff with the Go Pro and what better than a good old nurse shark, why o why did I not try it out on Lee’s dorado don’t you just like getting old brain cells just slip away.