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Slot limits

In Florida in recent years we have a lot of species which are under control by slot size limits. Why because it works and why does it work well most if not all large fish of any species are female and what do large female fish have inside them yes hundreds of thousands of eggs. All those large female fish have spent a long time getting to that size and to me it seems rather silly for sport fishermen to kill them as they are the provider of our future sport. Dont get me wrong I love to eat fish in fact some weeks in the Florida Keys I will eat fish 5 days a week as do a lot of guys on our fishing holidays. Take for instance our spotted sea-trout for a long time numbers were low so the powers put this fish on a slot limit and a close season. You could only take 4 a day and they had to be between 15 and 20 in but just to cover the fish of a life time you were allowed one just, one to be  over 20 in. This method of control worked so well and numbers have recovered to the point that the closed season has been lifted, nice to have something back for once not all one way.



On Rodney and George’s last trip we had a blast with these fish on a very windy day the sea-trout came to the rescue. We found some shelter on the lee of a grass bank and not a lot stops these fish feeding and matching the hatch to the catch on very light gear we had a fun day. The flesh of these fish is nothing like are sea-trout in the UK more like whiting than trout, fine white meat and fried very good indeed. So would the slot limit work in the UK putting large 20-year-old bass back to spawn, I personally think it would much better than looking after just the small fish which are all male, just my opinion by the way.