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Jack attack

We dont have any GT’s in the Florida Keys we haves lots of his first cousin the Jack Crevalle.  We have had some very special days with these fish and looking back at over 15 years fishing in the Keys I can not think of a time when jacks did not take if you saw them a true killing machine. One day a few years ago while tarpon fishing at Bahia Honda a shoal of well over 100 fish were turning the water into foam talk about shooting fish in a bucket anything you threw was nailed. So much so guys were casting away from the fish with poppers just to watch packs surf to hit the lures cool or what. Many a morning after tarpon at seven mile the guys like to run a pin fish back from the bridge and many times it is hit by a jack and what a fight they never give up even by the boat the rod is just banging. On Rodney and George’s last trip we had fun with the jacks at the bridge just look at the smile on George’s face enough said. On the food front the flesh is very dark and you have to cut away the dark muscle but not a bad taste just a strange colour however if you smoke them they taste just like kippers but no bones very good indeed.



George also had this fine African Pompano, also a jack, deep in the bay why they have the streamer fins in the bay I have no idea we have now had a few on this one wreck not sure why but it is also the only wreck in the bay with large barracuda. When we get back and if the water is ok we are going out with a diver and the Go Pro to get some cool underwater videos of these wrecks just want to see how big the grouper go. Video clip my big fish buddy Lee showing you can catch grouper over 100 lbs on a spinning reel just need a Lee on the other end of the rod.