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Shark part one

Love them or loath them shark are a very big part of the Florida Keys and I am very lucky that most guys on our fishing holidays are more than happy to have their string pulled by a shark.  There are times when they are not welcome but a few years ago on a mill-pond sea about 1 hr into a tarpon fight Mr Shark decided he want the 100 lb + fish more than us. In just a few seconds the sea was churned up into a boil of foam and scales and half the tarpon was gone then the unhappy angler turn and said ” that sucked but was the most awesome thing I have ever seen. ” Ever year these monster 1000 lb fish haunt the bridges and have their fair share of hooked tarpon and if it wants it there is nothing you can do.  We have now had 12 different species of shark and fish over 1000 lbs and the boat PB for fish to the boat is 63, they could have had more but some of them were so tired even speech was hard.  For the blog I will break them into two, fish to 100 lbs which we now call sporty shark and fish over 100 lbs which are just pain the first hour  and the second hours sucks as well !


Fine Blacknose on very light gear


Spinner doing what they do best


Fine blacktip comes on the boat why do I do this ? The smile says it all.


Tough little fish the bonnet head’s first run nearly as good as a bone fish.

Sporty shark can if you are lucky can even be taken on very light gea,r down to 20 lb braid if you feel brave, best species is the black nose and if numbers are high freeline is the cool method. An other very hard fighting sporty is the bonnet head shark this is not a baby hammerhead but a different species often found in very shallow water even taking a bonefish jig. The black tip and spinner shark which are two different shark and are the most acrobatic of all shark the only problem being these antics can take toll on the trace and many spin-off. Locals will tell you how tasty the blacktip is but my advise is don’t bother the only one I have had not very nice at all in fact most of the bait we use would taste better. Many times we have had the chum and oil down for other fish and the men in grey coats come and over the years fishing in the Florida Keys I now know you have two choices move or enjoy!