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Very special offer

Sometimes we are a victim of our own success some times people are having to book their fishing holidays in the Florida Keys up to two years in advance if they special tides and dates and a lot can happen in two years. The other day some regular customers had to cancel their holiday this autumn two of the guys lost their jobs and are still out of work. It does mean as I have taken deposits and it is short notice we can offer a deep discount of 33 % off so instead of  £ 3420 for a party of 4 for a weeks fishing,  B + B waterside villa , free car rental it will be just  £ 2147 or if you like  £ 77 a day per person per day.  The week is 16 th Nov to 23 rd Nov a cracking time of the year in the Florida keys end of the hurricane season and the start of our less humid and a bit cooler dry season.  So what fish will you catch in November well a lot we will have everything on offer except those 100 lb + tarpon so no mad 3 am starts unless we go to the tuna and seeing the sunrise on the tuna grounds will live with you for a long time.




In fact it was in November the base record of 55 species for the week was done so if you put the work in there are lots to catch.  November is normally the start of our main mackerel season and last year the biggest mackerel was 42 lbs and with the mackerel are hoards of hungry shark.  The monster grouper are always there just how much pain do you want but if you put a nearly 10 lb bait down it will not be a small fish that takes it still love to see the look on the angler’s face when a bit bait is taken.  So please get in touch with me if you are interested and you don’t need four anglers ones and two get in touch as well.

Rodney Goodship  01668 216173