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Split charters

It has been brought to my attention that it is often hard to get a party up of four like minded anglers up who have the means and time to come on a fishing holiday in the Florida Keys. It must be even harder to take advantage of offers like the current one where the price has dropped to just £ 77 per person per day. With all this in mind I am now offering a service to join up single anglers or small groups to get up to the number of four. Whilst the boat is licensed for 8 anglers, four just work so well and the accommodation is also sett up for four so if you are a fisherman and have always dreamed about having a holiday in the Florida Keys just get in touch. Please call whilst I am in the UK 01668 216173 or email on and let me try and put you guys together.





What we will do is try and give everyone a fair crack at the whip so at the morning planing meeting ” Helen’s famous Florida fry ” all suggestion for the day will be discussed and people can take turns with their favorite method or target fish. We are so lucky in the Florida Keys with so far 116 different species to the boat and any type of fishing that you like and any water you like as well. In all fairness I think, and have been told many times it is the reason why our holidays work and people come back many times.  Fishing when you want, for as long as you want and for what you want, just my job to tick as many of your boxes I can.