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Why the Florida Keys ?

We have been very lucky with our fishing holidays in the Florida Keys as we start our tenth year that a lot of our customers come back in fact next year all bar one of our bookings so far are repeat, in fact one group are on there 10 th trip. I do realize however there is always new people on their first big time trip abroad, so why chose the Florida Keys ? In my opinion, and make of that what you want, the Florida Keys just have it all. I can still remember my first trip now over 15 years ago just driving along US 1 the road down the Keys it just looks so fishy and the colour of the water, boats fishing everywhere, guys fishing on the bridges, multiple tackle shops on each island, boats with 4 outboards, just an anglers brain overload. You will always remember you first tarpon as a 100 lb + herring jumps clear of the water then the shock that you are attached to that fish. The colours of your first sailfish by the side of the boat so much better than any photo or TV show.






The power of a 500 lb + grouper that only wants to go one way and with the drag sett solid it is still taking line. The sight of the sunrise on the tuna grounds and the first birds, then the tuna bursting the bait which is picked out of the air by frigate birds. The very subtle take of a permit on the offshore wrecks that is followed by a heart stopping crash dive all the way down to the bottom. The feeling of just how big will this one be when a shark float goes under, yes we have had them over 1000 lbs and the pain in a nice way that goes with it. Seeing a huge cobia on the surface turn on you bait and the feeling please don’t screw this one up. I could go on and on as yes I caught the Florida Keys bug so bad I have to spend nearly half the year there, please, please don’t just dream the dream get in touch and fish the dream !!