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Shark attack

Love them or loath them shark are a major player in the Florida Keys. I am more than lucky that most guys on our fishing holidays are more than happy to tangle with a toothy critter but there are days when the men in grey coats are far from welcome. The last thing you want when tarpon fishing, you have come thousands of miles, you have jumped and lost a few fish, then at last one has stuck and you have got it out of the bridge and in open water then you see a pointed fin and your heart sinks.  Ever year during tarpon season big and I mean big many over 1000 lbs shark take up position at the Florida Keys bridges if you are a very big shark you need a very big meal and a tired 100 lb + tarpon will do very well. We loose fish every year as bad as it is and normally ends only one way as many guests have said one of the most awesome things you will ever see. A fish which might be the biggest fish you have had on the end of you line just bitten clean in two and it can happen very close to the boat I have even had anglers in a state of shock.





The other place it sucks big time is on the wrecks during the permit spawn.  Ever year hundreds of permit arrive at the wrecks to spawn and you guessed it some years hundreds of shark appear as well.  Why spend time and energy chasing your next meal when some nice guys on a fishing boat will do it for you. Over recent years most guides will move away if the shark are bad again it will only end one way and the permit you lose might have come long way from a small flat so you could have a major impact if you stay and just lose fish.  Guys still find it amazing just how a clean-cut a shark attack can be from that mass of teeth sometimes it looks like a surgeon’s knife. Of course one can just break out the shark rods and have some fun as I often say you can only catch what is there.