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An other busman’s holiday

Nearly time to head back to the Florida Keys and kick the fishing holidays into the autumn / winter session but time for one last trip of my own. A lot of guys who come to the Florida Keys also fish round the world and a place that is becoming very popular is Norway with very big cod, coalfish and halibut on the wish list. So when one of my guests said how about it I said yes and here I am north of the Arctic circle having my rod bent in a very dramatic country and bent very well. Flight for me was a bit of a night mare and in fact I could have been in my house in the Florida Keys quicker than here but when you get here WOW from the flatness of Florida to this just amazing.





It is only day three but we have had one halibut in the boat and lost three a bit like tarpon and if only they could jump, we have so far had cod to 20 and some strange torsk fish and a shed load of coalies but so far no big ones. Just like any fishing holiday don’t be shy to ask the guys who are catching and today we are going to a different spot and trying a different method . If you don’t go you don’t know and as they say a change is as good as a rest. Despite all the talk it will be cold yesterday it was 16 and sunny the locals say it is a heat wave but for one Florida softie just warmish.