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Snowbee’s new Skad lures

I have been working with Snowbee ( UK ) Ltd now for some years and have to let everyone know that a rod I helped develop has taken a Snowbee sponsored boat to win the Florida title of the SKA Championship and is lying second in the overall championship with just one event to fish for 2013.  Snowbee are now coming out with some serious tackle for sea fishing their new Release lever drag reel is just taking Norway in it stride no problem at all, the size of the halibut it dragged to the surface the other day was way in the hundreds till it spat my 6 lb cod out.  It has been said before it does not matter what rod and reel you have it is what is on the very end that matters and yet again Snowbee seem to have come up with a winner the new Skad lures.



The guys in R and D at Snowbee have always had the thoughts that the shad and sand ell lures had their limitations so came up with a hybrid lure and called it the Skad, well let me know all you cod anglers this lure is cod candy big time.  The last few days have been a bit tough here in Norway the fiord systems are massive and it is really knowing where to go and what to do and there is so much different water depth you need a big helping of lady luck as well.  Yesterday we were not finding fish so I had an idea, they say you can take the guy away from the Florida Keys but you can’t take the Florida Keys out of the guy so I said what about a bit of trolling ?  Yes I know this seems to be the most hated UK style of fish but it does cover ground and makes baits move when there is no tide, so we sett up two rods 8 oz leads one to my Skad and the other to a sand ell then try to keep the boat moving at about 1 mph in 20 meters of water.  In no time my rod with the Skad slammed over and fish on a nice double cod then this happened again trolling comes to Norway well the Skad was out fishing the sand ell but as normally happens the other guys wanted to try the deep water. Yet again even in deep water doing the normal bouncing the lures on the bottom this new bait was doing the business if you are into your deep water lure fishing you must give the Skad a try.       Video clip a new Norweign sport halibut wrestling  !!!