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Why the Florida Keys part 2

Just back from a weeks fishing in northern Norway way up in the Arctic Circle we had some good fish, halibut to about 80 lbs and cod to 24 lbs but have to say a few tough days as well. Maybe it is just such a big country and vast fishing grounds and the weather was a bit mixed as well and had to do a few plan B’s, but as they say all round the world it is called fishing not catching. What it did do however is put our fishing holidays in the Florida Keys into a new light, to me and it is a very personal thought the main difference is variety.  Variety in fish species, in Norway for our week we had just 6 species, in the Florida Keys in 10 years of doing fishing holidays we so far have had 117 species and the record week again so far is 56 species. Variety in fishing locations pretty much all the fishing we did was in deep fiords  yes we found some fish in the small shallow areas but these nearly all dropped of very quickly. In the Florida Keys we go from flats way out in Florida bay that even dry out at low tide to banks, grass flats and channels. Then we have all the bridges that take you to the huge area of the reef that goes from 8 ft to about 40 ft in 4 to 5 miles off shore. Then the edge of the reef that very quickly takes you to 100 ft water then a gradual slop over the next 25 miles that take you to the undersea mounds that come from 1000 ft to just 500 that we call the tuna grounds. Not to mention the Everglades where there are 1000’s of square miles of the most unique wildlife and fish environment maybe in the world.





Also the variety of fishing methods we use in the Florida keys just blows most guys away from fly, spin, kite, troll, cut bait, live bait, freeline, float and many more. The other thing that does it for me in the Keys is the unexpected the first time I leadered  a giant saw fish just shook my head here was a fish near 800 lbs that had been swimming in these water even before T Rex was around and we were lucky enough to catch one and we have had an other one.  Then one day a few years ago we were again were lucky enough to come across a whale shark what a beast it was even bigger that my boat but in crystal clear water just awesome. There are just some of the reasons why the Florida Keys does it for me and there are many more dont get me wrong I can see why Norway does it for a lot of anglers but as they say its horses for courses. Also on a very personal note survival suite thermal, hat and gloves or tee shirt, shorts and bare feet, I wonder !