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Release reels new model

Just before I start this blog I do not work for, or am being paid by Release Reels I just love well made tackle that works and boy does this latest model work. With the success of the SG  model in fact it now has the nickname little big reel it was doing far more than the makers original had hoped for so Wes Seigler the president of Release Reels decided to slightly up grade the reel. One of the reasons the reel has so much power the drive gear is at the back of the reel and not at the front transmitting the cranking more efficiently.  With this in mind Wes decided to change the ball bearing in the handle to a failsafe double-sided brass bush top marks. Then Wes looked at the anti reverse system while the roller bearing is very good some guys are now using braid up to 65 lbs and with over 30 lb drags there might be problems in the future so on with the thinking hat again. What Wes came up with just amazing and so good he has patents pending and I bet there are many other reel makers thinking why did we not think of that. By cutting a 30 pall system on the inside  of the main gear he has an instant ratchet system that works with the anti reverse bearing for a seamless and failsafe anti reverse.




Wes got one of the new reels to me for a work out in Norway and all I can say is just stunning with halibut and cod taken in very deep water the reel takes it all in its stride.  It is design touches like these that shows at last we have a thinking fisherman who is not only designing quality fishing reels but making them as well. Wes was also keen for me to have a go with the Magnum handle on the SG while I absolutely love the formed power handle on the original SG some people still like a good old ball handle.  Guess what Wes has done it again by making large slots on the handle you fingers just fall in no slipping at all. So there you have it the best just got even better and this is all available in left hand if you want but the most important words on the reel box are LIFETIME WARRANTY some thing you will not find on any other reel.



To see the full specs for this reel or to find out where in the UK to buy one go to  or give them a ring on 01752334933