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Back in the Keys

Well after a long a very eventful summer in the UK, Italy and Norway I am back in my beloved Florida Keys as we start year eleven doing fishing holidays how time flies by when you are having fun. Must start by again saying a massive thanks to Rupert Dury who gave me the first shark that day out of Whitby in the UK , what a fish and what a day you are a top guy.                                                                                               After doing fishing holidays for this long I have a massive photo library and looking at it the other day we have one fish out here that seems to put plenty of smiles on faces that is the big bad barracuda.  Often they seem like they are going to be a very easy catch just slowly swimming on the surface or just sunbathing on the flats but this is not always the case. Some times on the offshore wrecks it is impossible to get a snapper in but if you put a bait down just no interest the just want the one on your line.




I was talking to an other guide he said and it is probably very true just look at the size of their eyes they can pick out wire no problem where as the snapper on your line is just on mono. The nice thing about cuda is they love lures and one that still does the job is the very old cuda tube why this works so well  I am not sure but it does. Last year Robin a regular from Jersey even had one jigging with a cuda tube right under the boat, now that was fun and one of the cuda they had that week even jumped into the boat !                                                   An other interesting fact about the cuda here in the Florida Keys they are responsible for more human attacks than shark to often you hear about people wearing watches and other hand jewelry that just catches the fishes eye then with a sett of teeth like they have you can guess the end.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Well as it starts to get light just four days to get all the gear shipshape and start putting those smiles on faces.