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What a start !

Yes it’s so nice to be back in the Florida Keys this has been my second home now for over 15 years and as we start our 11th season of fishing holidays in the Florida Keys this place and the fishing still blows me away. Yes the boat has been a bit of a pain after the hurricane lay up like an old guide told me ” they are a bit like a mistress unless you are spending time and money on them they let you know ” well all is good now and the new engines are running so sweet.  This the first week of our autumn, winter session we have newcomers to Fish the Dream  Pam, Deane and Andy and is just three days I think I have nearly killed them fish to over 250 lbs and just so much full on action hard to where to start, so loads of photos to show happy anglers.








In all fairness we have only been in Florida bays so far but the mackerel seem to be here already and with the macs come all the shark and they are just such a good grouper bait. Still like to see the look on a newbie’s face when I put a 6 lb whole fish on a 26/0 hook then the look of horror when the float goes under. Yesterday my barracuda wreck was mental, fish just nailing lures the to see a near 20 lb fish being chased by barras well over 40 lbs just insane and the jumps of hooked fish were putting tarpon to shame.  Why they are on this wreck I do not know but I hope they stay for a very long time, one very strange thing they always do is get some shade by lying right under the boat and if you look at the video you will see two barras just coming to have a look at Andy’s fish as he gets in near the boat.