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Fun in the sun !

Wow what a week I think I can safely say as Pam, Deane and Andy left I completely blew their minds away after six days fishing here in the Florida Keys and I am sure I will see them back. The last few days Pam had a few days off and even did two trips on one day, Deane and Andy early in the morning then after lunch just Andy. That is how our fishing holidays in the Florida Keys work just tell me what you want and I do the rest, start when you want finish when you want and fish for what you want. The wrecks in the gulf have been fishing their heads off shark around 100 lb all days and a lot of spinner shark just so cool to see a shark jump then to realize it is on your line. The barracuda have been insane if you are a lure fisherman get your self out here these fish have been nailing lures all week and jump better than tarpon some days. Near one of my wrecks I have a keeper grouper mark and Andy duly put a fine keeper red grouper in the ice box I make no bones about it in a well-managed fishery, here the grouper have a four month closed season, I like eating fish and we all dined very well on just one fish.






Very high up on Andy’s wish list was tuna and on the last day we had a sort of tuna forecast with calm seas at 5 pm so a late start and a slow push out to the tuna grounds. Very strong currents offshore in places nearly 5 mph and in the rough water boat down to just 12 mph but I will always try to please people if safe to do so.  When we got their some 25 miles out very calm seas and very few boats  not many birds not what we had hoped for but a few tuna busting so hopes were high.  First fish took a small live bait but after a short fight was nailed by a shark and out here they can be a right pain in the a*** but on we went. Well the same thing kept happening tuna on short fight shark on so I said does anyone want the shark rod but good to him Andy wanted his tuna and at last he had one back to the boat the smile said it all. Then shortly after Deane had one as well so box tick so lets see just what critter is eating our tuna so over goes the shark rod half way though the drift shark on. Well I am sorry no happy ending here after nearly an hour and four miles from hook up and three beat anglers I decide to wind up the drag and at the same time the shark did a dive rod hit gunnel and snap.  This was one very big fish 1000 lb tigers live here eating the tuna, we will never know but that is why they call it fishing not catching just have to come back and catch the monster any time you want boys enjoyed fishing with you.