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Dream start

This week I have Loriane  and Rich who have both fished the Florida Keys before but I was surprised and shocked how few fish they had on their last trip. It is the sad case I am afraid all round the world that there are guides who are just happy to take the money once and see customers as a quick cash cow. With our fishing holidays here in the Florida Keys this is not the case and in the last 10 years it has always been our number one object to turn customers into friends and see them come back and unless they have had a good trip they will not be back. Well some of our guys are now on their tenth trip enough said.   Well  Loraine and  Rich had even printed out a wish list that we went through during their first famous Florida Fry  (  Helen’ breakfast ) so all the pressure on me I love it. So weather sett fair and calm seas the boat was loaded for bear a crazy amount of rods for just two people but you never know what you will need and in less than 40 mins the pick was going down on my best wreck in Florida Bay. Hard to say what happened over the next few hours but I was ticking boxes as fast as they were putting baits in the sea at one stage they were speechless and after a stunning fight on a light rod with an african pompano Rich was not sure if was dreaming the dream or fishing the dream.





Well the fishing was just out of this world, grouper over 100 lb, cuda near 20 lb and just so many more I was killing my customers and it was only day one as the tide started to ease as on Rich’s list was a big shark I suggested a move so up pick and a short 5 mile move to a wreck that has been known to have big shark. Well this wreck was also very fishy and soon Loraine was having fun on very light rods with yellow jack that would make a nice tea then we all saw a very big and I mean a very big shark so Rodney into first gear and shark rod out with half a fresh jack a known shark candy. Now seeing shark and catching them can be two different things and this was not instant but after some time the float went under and fish ON !!!.  Rich was losing line fast so off the pick and boat it hot pursuit, Rich did it all so well and this was a very big puppy not sure how long the fight but at last a monster nearly 12 ft long hammerhead well over 500 lb to the boat a truly stunning fish well done.  So ended day one and when they told me they had more fish on day one with me than all week on their last trip job done and more to come.