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In all the years we have been doing fishing holidays here in the Florida Keys something happened yesterday that has never happened before or I have even heard about. It was a windy day but we were some 15 miles out in Florida bay behind a bank with seas no more that 1 ft having a fantastic days fishing in fact Loraine and Rich had nearly 50 fish to the boat with shark  over 100 lb. Then at the back of the boat a cormorant turn up nothing strange there, then he swam right up to the boat jumped aboard held out his wings as they to dry out, then when all ok and dry head under wing and fell asleep.  It was not worried at all even during a shark fight just stayed there keep its butt out of the water in fact after the nap went back out to sea caught a few fish then came back to dry out again.



Tough few days fishing winds over 20 mph but you know me and the beauty of the Florida Keys there is calm water some where and fish every where.