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What a week

Hard to put in words last weeks fishing I have yet to meet a couple who have such a passion for pure fishing just the enjoyment of having a fish and I mean any fish on the end of their lines.  Yes we had a dream start then the weather gods said no play but as you know bad weather does not stop a fishing holiday in the Florida Keys you have so many plan B’s and fish can and do go anywhere.  So mainly tucked in behind banks the serious competion started now every year and I have to tell Lolly has only been fishing 3 years the two of them have a numbers competion.  The one good thing about this is that they kept records for each day which even came as a big surprise to me, for the week they had 277 fish and 36 species now when you consider in my opinion we were scratching how awesome is that !  I do have to say for a person who has only been fishing for 3 years Rich has done a fantastic job of teaching the gentle art yes as I have said before ladies do very well out here.  Guys if you have always wanted to come out here but the other half is the main reason why you have never come then bring her as well you might be very surprised.  Back to last week the best thing to do is show you lots of photos of one very happy lady doing what she does best catch fish.







On our last but one day the true magic of the Florida Keys came to the front about 18 back into Florida Bay in just 9 ft we were in the lee of a bank and having fun on light tackle when a serious shark came up the chum it was a big lemon so out went the shark rod but nothing.  This is often the case I think they have to see what all the chum is about but as we all know fish don’t feed all the time.  We left the shark rod out and I am not sure after how long but both Lolly and I shout shark as a big sett of fins were swimming round the float.  Float under then shark on but there was no stopping this one line just peeling off reel so off we went to chase this one down, again I am not sure about time we all got our first sight of the fish and at the same time we all shouted TIGER !  Full marks to Rich he did everything like a seasoned pro and soon the fish was by the boat for some pics a quick release what a fish and  an other boxed ticked and that is not an easy box.

photo (1)

photo (3)-001

So there you have it an other very special week in the Florida Keys with two very special people who I hope to see again, the video one very cool hammerhead at the boat well done again Rich  (  Shark man )