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Snowbee ( UK ) Ltd in the Florida Keys

For the last few years I have been lucky enough to work with Snowbee ( UK ) to help develop  tackle for the US market and give them some real fish testing of their products.  This week we have MD Russell Weston and his good friend Russell Symons out here to give some of their new products a testing that they will never get in the UK in other words if it works out here then it is more than OK for the UK. Russell also wanted to tick very big fish of his personal list no problem for Fish the Dream just how big do you want .  First day was a bluebird day glass seas and nice and warm so of to the barracuda wreck to test Snowbee’s new range of Kuroshio rods using microwave rings which I first used last year and was more than impressed giving nearly 20 % more casting and calming wind knots.  Also Russell wanted to test out the new range of Kuroshio spinning reels that will be sold to match the rods and they look and feel just fantastic.  So all on a high but just 2 miles from the wreck our hearts sunk boat on our chosen spot c*** so as I have learnt doing fishing holidays in the Florida Keys for over 10 years just wait as is often the case here if they are not filling the cool box they leave, so pick down a mile away and watch.  The plan worked and in less than half an hour the boat moved and we were on it as fast as possible and in no time tackle testing barracuda all round the boat.  In no time it was fish on and the Kuroshiro had the test of its life and passed with flying colours  one very happy Russell Weston. Now did he ask me about big well this wreck also has goliath grouper so a smallish bait down, oh dear a not very small fish had the bait and there was no stopping this one straight back to the wreck but we waited it out and Russell had a fish over 300 lb by the side of the boat, what a stunning day one.

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Day two again the weather good enough to go to the tuna grounds and there would be no better place to test the new Deep Blue 2 multiplier now with a bigger drag, improved bearings and a much better handle. With again flat seas the 20 odd miles passed in no time and it was first or second drop fish on and pound for pound nothing fights like a tuna the new reel was just killing them and I must say the Snowbee jigs were fishing better than any jig I have seen. In less than two hours we had more than enough tuna for us and friends so with two very tired but happy anglers and one new reel that passed the test so well back for a cold beer and some seared tuna for diner does it get any better.

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You can keep up with all this week’s fun at Snowbee’s facebook page  just seach facebook   Snowbee UK ltd