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When the wind blows

I had a message yesterday from one of my regulars who comes every year on a fishing holiday in the Florida Keys asking if I was OK  he has been keeping up with Snowbee’s trip on their facebook page where Russell had posted to windy to fish. My friend had checked out the wind and said you have taken us out in winds like that and we have had great days fishing, what Russell ment to say to windy for FLY fishing. Over the years we have had a few fly fishing parties and yes strong winds are a problem but if you want to fish bait or lures wind no problem. This is the beauty of the Florida Keys you can always get out of the worst of the wind, we have mangroves, banks, and bridges that give enough shelter for lots of plan B’s.  So what will you catch it these areas well you will be surprised some very big fish will often go into theses places to feed, the other year regular Brian had a stingray well over 100 lb in a very narrow mangrove channel and on the same trip Leslie had a fine guitar fish.





As the bridges link to vast areas of water all fish have to swim through them to go from one to an other so have a good bait in the right spot and you will catch. Again a few years ago we had a huge blacktip shark that was full with pups that would have smashed the record of just 152 lbs but no way were we going to kill her.  Also a lot of predators like to live at the bridges as all the bait is forced trough on the tides and we have had grouper over 300 lbs just feet from the piles. So don’t worry about the wind if you are up for it I will take you fishing every day it might not be pretty and not our plan A but I will put a bend in your rod !