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New Reel

Hot on the heels of their Small Game reel the guys up in Virginia have come out with its big brother the Large Game and what a beauty it is.  They sent one down to me to see my thoughts and to put some serious fish on the end of it for some real fish testing and here in the Florida Keys not a problem. So I loaded it with 65 lb Tuf line then off into Florida Bay to meet up with my tackle testing team you guessed it my beloved shark.  In no time at all one very angry tiger shark well over 300 lb was putting this reel to a very serious test indeed and in less than an hour we had the fish boat side to get the photos they wanted at Release Reels.  The power from the long handle and oversize gears made this very easy also Release have used a reverse gearbox making cranking a lot easier and the whole out fit a lot more stable. What do they mean by reverse gearbox, have a look at the photos of the Release and an Accurate you will see the gears are behind the spool line on the Release but in front on the Accurate very clever and it does make a difference.




photo (2)



So just how big is the Large Game well line capacity has gone from 500 yds of 50 lb on the Small Game to 700 of 60 lb and the drag is now over 40 lbs, in the UK if you are into conger or serious shark and like to take your reel on holiday  ( it only weighs 21 oz ) then you need to look at this reel.  You must also remember it is 100 % designed, machined and assembled in Virginia USA and carries their lifetime warranty. The way Wes the CEO designed the new patent pending anti reverse still blows me away and all the other makers still must be thinking why oh why did we not think about that first. So if you are over here on a fishing holiday in the Florida Keys with me you will have a choice of Release reels to use and you will also be amazed  by that strange-looking handle that once in your hand just works so well as does the rest of the reel.  In the UK all Release reel sales are being handled by Snowbee UK ltd who are also looking after their lifetime warranty in the UK with no need to ship the reel back to the US.