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Sailfish arrive

This weekend is all about my wife Helen putting a big smile on her face, yes she has a lot to put up with and for over 40 years has done it very well. So this weekend it is all about her  (  not mine  ) passions, one shopping so a long stop at a Miami Mall then a full day’s car racing at Homestead Miami Speedway.  How many guys out there have a petrol head wife but Helen caught the bug many years ago when I raced cars and bikes, not very well by the way but she loved it. So this weekend as the Nascar boys and girl come south to finish off their season we will be there to hear, see and feel  43 cars  averaging nearly 180 mph for the 400 mile race and Helen’s smiles will say it all.   We have just had our first cold front of year when the temps dropped into the low 70’s always a shock for locals who have to find coats, hats and long trousers but it is sure nice to turn the A/C off and have some air in the house.  With the cold front has come the first push of our winter sailfish and double figure days are happening just up the Islands at Islamorada so we should be next.



Here at Fish the Dream fishing holidays I have to admit we have over the years not had many sailfish the main reason is that Brits just don’t like trolling and that is how most sails are caught. Also at this time of year the bay is loaded with all the mackerel’s with stunning shark behing and the wreck’s full of grouper so most day’s offshore trolling just does not happen.  Normally in less than an hour with out a bite its ”  please can we go back in the bay for the macs ” so as it is always the anglers who call the shots off we go.  Next week things might change and I have two guys who want to tick the sail fish box so watch this space.