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Offshore fun !

To say the weather this autumn has been strange is an understatement from 30 + mph to flat calm the normal cold fronts have been very weak and the water is still very warm slowing down our winter migration.  It will come I am sure but a tough day out in the bay on Monday  very calm seas but with big tides and the strong winds the day before very dirty water.  Dave had a 150 lb + grouper on a medium ledger rod and did an excellent job to bully it out of a wreck so that box ticked but the normal wreck fish were not about so off for some sporty shark fun.  Not much puts shark off the feed and as I have said before guys on our fishing holidays in the Florida Keys just love these fish on light tackle or as my fluff chuckers say match the hatch with the catch.  Yesterday the weather gods said tuna if you want and my local friends were saying that the deep wrecks were giving amberjack so loaded for bear we went south.



First we had a go for sail fish but it was glassy calm and crystal clear with vis over 70 ft so not very good and after an hour trolling with no joy sett the gps for the tuna grounds with a 200 ft wreck on the way.  First to catch was Dave again a nice skipjack put a bend in his jigging rod then the OMG from  Patrick on the bait rod ment his first encounter with an amberjack long fight but this one was won by the fish as it managed to spit the hook about half way up. Next one was well stuck and he came to understand why the locals call the fish wreck donkeys the just don’t want to move and you have to move them nearly 200 ft for that silly pic they are not good eating so all go back, Patricks fish we had to vent wish I had the venting tool years ago with the gas out they all swim away.  Tuna fun as they have been all year-long Snowbee’s jigs out fishing local jigs about four to one why these have not taken off in the UK for cod and pollack I don’t understand.  On the way home came across a feeding frenzy of small tuna on bait fish on a patch of weed then we all saw a very big sailfish join in so a live bait was pitched into the mix, fist run no fish second bait a very solid hook up not the sail but the biggest tuna of the day for Dave.  So off home with loads of fresh tuna for tea some very hot but happy anglers job done again.