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Size matters ?

Well it seems if you are on a fishing holiday in the Florida Keys it still to some extent does.  Last week it was great to have Patrick and Dave who just liked catching fish and on a crystal clear reef one day we were freelining baits to reef fish and Patrick had a couple of very hard fighting mangrove snapper.  However at our planning meeting one morning I said do you guys fancy a battle with one of my goliath grouper and their eyes said it all  (  oh yes )  big tends to do this.  So load the boat and head north about 20  miles to one of my wrecks, the water in the bay has been on the murky side now for over a week and a lot of the wreck fish have moved off but the grouper have nowhere else to go so are always at home.  The one thing being a very big fish means is you have to eat a lot and a grouper eats up to 10 %  body weight a day so a 500 lb grouper will eat up to 50 lb and they are not to picky.


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So scary bait down and it no time the giveaway movement of the float, drag sett to lock solid then hang on and start the Whippy walk.  There is no way whatsoever I can get over in words on a blog the power in these fish to see two, yes two grown men dragged then slammed into the transom by a fish just awesome.  What the fish had not taken into account was the determination of Patrick and there was only going to be one winner and soon the fish was boat side for the silly pics what a beast well over 300 lb.  The smile on Patricks face during the high-five celebrations said it all if you are a fisherman size still matters, from a 2 lb roach, a 10 bass, a 40 lb tope to a 300 lb grouper  and why not !