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The mac are back !

At last the first shoals of our big winter spanish mackerel have arrived after a much hotter than normal autumn we are getting the tail end of cold fronts and water temps are dropping just what the mackerel need.  Last week I had Steve and his wife Sarah  for a couple of days on a real-time look at our fishing holidays in the Florida Keys and I think they liked what they saw and are booking a longer stay for next year.  Which by the way is nearly all gone as are the best weeks in 2015 so don’t dream book before it’s all gone and fish the dream.  Despite the poor water in the bay the macs are back and both Steve and Sarah were having a blast on light rods with these speedsters.  Very few fish hit baits as hard as a hungry mackerel the sound of the braid cutting through the water on the first 50 yard run just awesome.



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With the mackerel come packs of hungry shark mainly blacktip and spinner which are two different species but also the rest of the gang like a nice fresh mackerel and recently we have had tiger, lemon and bull.  There are some days all the chum and oil brings massive shoals of blue fish and this year has been no exception and good 7 lb + fish which certainly pull your string like UK bass but with a sett of teeth to cut anything in half. Also some days all you get is huge packs of blacknose shark a bit like your smoothhound on light tackle fun all day if you want up to 30 lb.  As I have said before I would like to get into tagging and a friend has put me on to a guy tagging shark which would be fun any thing I can put back into my sport is fine by me. Oh did manage to scare Steve with one OMG fish  thanks grouper.