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Thanksgiving fun

As the US celebrates is biggest holiday of the year and yes I had way to much turkey No 1  (  love turkey so two big turkey diners no problem  )  we have long time customers  Rob Shipley and the guys from Jersey.  Rob has been coming on our fishing holidays in the Florida Keys now for nine years and I hope I can say has moved from customer to friend one of the many I now am lucky to have.  unfortunately  Rob always seems to bring strange weather and his arrival was also the start of the US’s  worst winter storm, we down in the Florida Keys just get the tail end but temps dropped 20 degrees so yesterday it was for us softies cold yes cold on the boat.  In fact the sea was over 10 degrees warmer than the air but these cold fronts pass very quickly and in fact as I do this blog it is 12 degrees warmer than yesterday but the fishing is still on fire.




On their first day we had 23 species to the boat star of the show was as we call them were the sporty shark fish up to 30 lb and on 20 light braid outfits as much fun as you can have with a rod in you hand.  The shark were blacktip, sharpnose and blacknose in fact they were so aggressive we had to scale up to 30 lb gear to stop the tackle loss.  Second day of to a gulf wreck, maybe, the wind was a bit trying to say the least but we can always find somewhere to fish the beauty of the Florida Keys so off to a bank some 18 miles in the bay and some shelter.  When we got there the tide was dying had some mackerel and blue fish but as they say anywhere in the world no run no fun so we all decided to go to a wreck and tough it out my sort of guys.   Rob had said this trip no big grouper they had all done Goliath in years past and this trip the would like a bit smaller, sorry no one had told this to the grouper and could we get a shark bait past them no chance first it was Nigel with a near 100 lb fish the Chris had an over 300 lb fish that we had to drift back and had to line out of the wreck. The only way to stop this is to fish beyond the wreck and this lead to Rob having a very acrobatic spinner shark of close to 150 lb. Maybe fish of the day was a monster black nose shark for Pete who was given a right royal run around on a light rod as was heard to say  ” is it only that big  ”  these Florida fish all pull way above their weight.