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Shark numbers

In the 10 years we have been doing fishing holidays in the Florida Keys and the 5 years before when I first started fishing in the Keys we have been hearing more and more about decreasing shark numbers due to overfishing.  Well let me assure any one thinking of coming in the Florida Keys this is not the case at all, in fact in my experience the reverse is the case numbers and on the rise.  In the bay numbers of the smaller shark can get so high all you can do is enjoy them or move, I have said before I am lucky that most guys like catching shark so no problem.  However more than once recently in the bait shops flats guides bitching about the number of shark on the bone fish flats where they are not welcome at all.  The other day I managed to get Rob and the boys offshore and large amberjack were on the to do list but it was very strange fishing.



We only managed on decent one back to the boat but our live baits were being hit on ever drop and hooked fish were coming off then it all became obvious what was going on.  Pete had a good fish on then when we all saw colour not an AJ but a shark and a silky shark at that  the culprits had been found out.  Silky shark are a true ocean-going shark and we find them in numbers on the tuna grounds where some days they will not let a tuna get to the boat.  So what were the doing in just 200 ft of water and just 10 miles offshore the only thing of is that the numbers are on the rise.  So if you like your shark fishing you know where to come dont bitch about them just enjoy them, all will pull your string and some for a very long time.