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” What’s this one “

That was the cry often heard in the early years of our fishing holidays in the Florida Keys however as I had fished the Keys for many years before I had started doing holidays I knew most of the strange and wonderful fish found out here.  Over the years the number of species has risen greatly so we don’t hear the cry so often now however Rob Shipleys party decided to change that and add some very colourful fish to our list.  The variety of fish in the Florida Keys is just amazing up to the boys from Jersey we had 117 different species and they added an other 5 and we had one the week before.  In all fairness that is what I missed most from my trip this year to Norway not many different fish and Rob and the boys were on course to have 50 + for the week.


The one from the week before a Flat Needle fish.


The start of Robs fish a Blue Parrot fish.


Then a Scrawled File Fish.


A nice Nassau Grouper for Chris.


A young Speckled Hind a long way from home.

I had to leave early and my Capt Brent Kindell fished with the boys for the last few days and I think they had a Vermillion Snapper so that would take the boat tally to 123 different species just amazing.