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December dorado

This year I had to come back to the UK earlier than expected and my US Capt Brent Kindell stepped for the last few days of Rob’s fishing holiday and what a blast they had.  While inshore the iconic fish of the Florida Keys are tarpon and permit offshore it has to be sailfish and the stunning dorado or as the locals call them dolphin fish.  I still smile thinking back to the first time I took my wife to a restaurant and the look on her face when the special of the day was dolphin and she said they can’t be serious can they.  One of the days Brent took Rob and the boys way offshore and they had a two small dorado an other one for the species list and some very good table fare.  The name dorado comes from the Spanish for golden or gold-plated and from the photos you can see why, also an other name is mahi mahi .



Since 2002 the dolphin research program has been tagging fish of the south coast of mainland US and the Bahamas and the facts from over 350 plus recoveries have been amazing.  Longest distance has been 1,197 miles in just  51 days, average speed for all fish is 21.6 miles a day with the highest daily speed a staggering 93 miles a day.  Dorado are the fastest growing fish known and growth rates of up to 2.7 in a week have been found this 24/7 feeding has resulted in a 48 in fish weighing 40 lbs and less than 12 months old, but the growth rates does have its down side a very short life.  During the survey only 3 % of fish were over 1-year-old and the oldest fish ever found was just 4 years old but dolphin’s breeding facts are just as amazing.  They mature at just 14 inch long and only 3 months old and in a 39 in female 555,000 eggs were found.  What makes dolphin fish so much fun they just take any thing you want to throw at them and when you see the golden one in the deep blue at the end of your line not a lot beats it.