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The Humps at last !

Despite his last trip being his tenth Rob and the boys from Jersey have never had the pleasure of fish our tuna grounds or as the locals call them the humps.  This is a very special place but unfortunately is some 26 miles offshore and also often well in the reach of the main gulf stream currents all this means not a place you can fish ever day.  The reason it is called the humps is due to a range of under sea mounts that come up from over a 1000 ft to less than 500 ft this blocking of over half of the water depth causes massive up swelling that the bait fish can not swim against and are forced to the surface.  The feeding frenzy can sometimes just be jaw dropping, tuna forcing the bait to the surface then the hoards of feeding birds taking their share as the bait leaves the water as well and whilst this is all going on the scream of reel drags as good as it gets.



So when my stand in skip said the weather was OK for a trip to the humps I bet it was smiles all round and the quickest boat load up of all week.  It is always nice to see a sport develop and this one of ours is no exception and in doing fishing holidays in the Florida Keys for over 10 years maybe tuna fishing has changed the most.  In our early years it was nearly all top water trolling and don’t get me wrong if they are feeding on the top a very exciting way to catch, the sound of the lines coming out of the out riggers the screaming drags very cool.  However a few years ago butterfly jigs changed it all, many times especially during the afternoon there is little or no surface action some skips will feed live bait to get the tuna up but there is a much easier way jigging.  With the use of depth indicating line once the correct numbers are found it is fish for everyone and as Russell Weston said on his trip to the tuna grounds I have yet to find a fish that for its weight pulls as hard and for as long as a tuna.