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Rob’s roundup

Well as Rob Shipley and the Jersey boys finish their latest fishing holiday in the Florida Keys they came very close to breaking the species count for a trip they had an amazing 52 species close to the base record of 55.  To me this is one of the main reason people come to the Keys it is for the varity of fish, fishing locations and ways of catching fish on the same day you can be catching tuna in over 1000 ft then end up catching fish in less than 10 on a crystal clear reef.  Talking about the reef it was here that the boys added number 52 to the week’s list a strange fish called a doctor or surgeon fish, it is called this because it has two scalpels at the base of the tail that it uses for defense and fighting strange but true. This was one of the staggering 7 new species they added to the base list taking it now to 124 in just over 10 years of doing fishing holidays.




One thing I have noticed with parties who have fished with me over many years is how their wish list changes and how battles turn into fights.  I still find on most people’s wish list in their early trips it is all about size then when they have done big and for us this is very easy grouper and shark in their hundreds of pounds are there for the taking it starts to change.  Medium to small fish on light balanced tackle seems to tick more boxes and at this time of year it has to be our mackerel, they just tick all the boxes fun, bait and good to eat.  Many times I will take a party just to catch a few mackerel for bait then it is hard to get them to stop catching  ” Oh please just a few more  ”  is often the call. Rob ended his normal thank you email with the line, like Arnie says we will be back, any time Rob you and all the Jersey boys are welcome any time.