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Happy Christmas

A very happy and merry Christmas to all our past, present and future customers at Fish the Dream  fishing holidays in the Florida Keys.  During  2013 we have had quite a few new parties and I am more than happy to say all have been in touch and are coming back in 2014  so what ever we are doing seems to be right.  The only problem with our success is that we turn a lot of anglers away especially during tarpon season so for 2014 we will be running two boats.  Fish the Dream second boat will be that of local Capt Brent Kindell, accommodation  I hope will be self catering units at a local marina, which also has a pool and a bar.  Brent has fish the Keys for many years and all the guys I have sent to him have been more than happy.  I must stress the holidays if you fish with Brent will run just as are normal holidays you fish for what you want , when you want and for as long as you want.  So if you think it is to late to book a holiday I have been fully book for some time please get in touch and we will do the best to get you a 100 lb silver king.



I must warn all anglers who wish to tick the 100 lb + tarpon of the bucket list many times once you have done this is is all to easy to catch Tarponitis.  Once you are infected especially if you caught the  Florida Keys strain you might have it for life, nightmares can go on for ages, a mad skipper shouting  ” wind, wind, wind now hit the sucker for all you are worth ”  The sight of your fish feet in the air then forgetting to bow to the king. The when it is all going well the pointy fin appears and gets bigger  SH**  a 1000 lb shark !!  So what can be done for Tarponitis,  not a lot and you might have it for life all you can do is take the yearly medicine  a fishing holiday in the Florida Keys.