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Reality check

I consider myself a very lucky guy  for over 10 years I have been doing fishing holidays in the Florida Keys as Rex Hunt used to say  ” not a bad office ” during which a lot of repeat customers have become good friends.  I have a loving wife who has stood by me for over 40 years, have 3 children who I am very proud of and have given me 3 amazing grand children.  Spend half the year in the fabulous Florida Keys and the rest of the year in Northumberland with a holiday in Tuscany but last week I was sent a photo that brought me back down to earth especially at this time year from my local beach in Marathon Florida Keys.


This boat had been built-in Cuba by people who just wanted a better life and were willing to risk all on a trip of over 100 miles across the Florida straits leaving behind loved ones and the place where they had been born to try for the American Dream.  It had been built of  steel rods mainly rebar, tin sheets, tarpaulins then filled with any bits of polystyrene they could find.  When first found it also had a rough sail and a broken rudder, I have been around boats all my life and would not have got in this to go across a duck pond.  I still can’t get my head around why they do this but the lure of a better life must be very strong but they made it and with the laws around Cubans fleeing to America will start a new life.

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On a slightly happier note came across this on the web and again at this time of year how very true, the youth are the next generation of fisherfolk and we must all do all we can to help our sport. When we have had children at Fish the Dream it has been nothing but smiles they even have fun catching bait and in my experience if you take a kid fishing they must catch fish and on my boat they certainly will.  With this in mind I am willing to do deals if you want to bring children just get in touch and we can work something out email or phone 01668 216173.